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Pimburaththewa Lake

Pimburaththewa Lake or Pimburattewa Tank is one of the most trending destinations in Sri Lanka. It is popular among the locals as a bathing place. The beautiful lake surrounded by beautiful views of the lush greenery forests in the Polonnaruwa district. If you are traveling to Polonnaruwa and looking for a place to bathe, Pimburaththewa Lake is the ideal place. The best way to identify the Pimburaththewa Tank is the design of the water spill of the lake. The design of the water spill is a collective of triangles. There are more than ten triangular designed water spills. It is a must place to visit when you are in Polonnaruwa. It is not a Polonnaruwa waterfall, but it seems like a collection of waterfalls too. 

Let’s see how to reach Pimburattewa Sri Lanka.

Piburaththawa Location

Pimburaththewa Lake is in Aralaganwila, Polonnaruwa District. The Maduru Oya dam is approximately 10 km away from Pimburaththewa Lake. So, it is easiest to search on Google Maps and reach Piburaththawa in Sri Lanka location.

How to reach Piburaththewa Lake

  • Travel along the Maradankadawala-Habarana-Thirukkondaiadimadu Highway from Polonnaruwa
  • Then drive along the Manampitiya-Aralaganwila-Maduru Oya Road and reach Aralaganwila
  • Reach the Pimburaththewa Tank


Pimburattewa Tank History

The Pimburaththewa lake constructed under the project of Mahaweli Authority, Sri Lanka. The reservoir constructed to provide water for farming in the Aralaganwila area. Also, there is a holiday bungalow in Pimburutthewa by Mahaweli Authority Sri Lanka. If you are interested in staying overnight please check Pimburaththewa Mahaweli Holiday Bungalow


Things to consider 


It is necessary to take precautionary measures if you are visiting Pimburaththewa Tank. Commonly, elephants roam in the area to drink water. Therefore, be cautious when bathing in this lake as it is common for elephants to appear in the evening.

Also, you can experience the beauty of this during the rainy season. But, it is necessary to be careful when bathing during the rainy season.

The Pimburaththewa Lake is a great place to watch the sunset. So, if you are in Polonnaruwa try to enjoy your evening. Keep in touch with Vogue Lanka Travels for the latest travel trends. 

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