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Madulsima Sri Lanka – One of the best Destinations in 2022

Have you ever been thinking of getting rid of this busy life and enjoy your life in the wild? One of the best places to visit to be with nature is Madulsima. Nowadays, Madolsima has been widely famous among local young travelers. The hidden beauty is a must place to visit if you are a nature lover. Madulsima is situated in the district of Badulla, province of Uva. It is a small village. Madulsima is famous for camping above clouds. That means you can experience something similar to flying in an aircraft. How cool is that? So, let’s find out about this wonderful place situated at an altitude of 1257 feet and approximately 2300-3400 above sea level.

How to go to Madulsima

If you are planning to go by bus, make sure to have a look at below.

  • Take Colombo – Badulla 99 route bus (This will take approximately 7 to 8 hours of the journey that might be a bit hectic)
  • From Badulla take the bus to Pitamaruwa from Badulla. The journey from Badulla to Madulsima would take up to approximately 3 to 4 hours. You can always ask for the bus conductor’s help. You can just simply ask him to drop you from Madulsima Mini World’s end. He would happy to help.
  • Get down from the 30th-milepost. Then you have to walk approximately 1km to reach the location.
  • Make sure to notice there will be a footpath with a summer hut to your left. So, take that path to reach Mini World’s end.

The best way to reach Pitamaruwa Mini World’s end is via Meegahakivula.

Madulsima to Colombo

A special thing to remember is if you are planning for a day trip, you could enjoy around 03 hours at the Madolisma Mini World’s end and around. The good thing is that the same bus you came departing from Badulla around 1 pm. So, make sure to inform the bus conductor that you are coming back. So, he will be waiting for few minutes.

The Route to Madulsima

Monaragala – Nakkala -B adalkumbura -Passara – Medawalagama – Madulsima – Cocogalla – Elamanna – Ekiriya – Metigahatenna – Madulsima – Kohonnewela – Madulsima – Cocogolla – Elamanna – Rathkele – Roeberry – Pitamaruwa – Sooriyagolla – returned back to Cocogolla – Ambalama junction – Lunugala – Bibile – Monaragala

Best time to visit Madulsima

The best time to visit Madulsima would be around August. Because the weather tends to be drier and you would be able to enjoy nature more. The area is more likely to be covered by mist. But, in August, there would be a less misty climate. So, you will be able to view around more clearly and with less trouble. The road condition is terrible after Cocogalla.

Places to visit in Madulsima

1. Madulsima Mini World’s End

The Madulsima Mini World’s end is the most famous tourist attraction here. The elevation of the Madolsima Mountain is approximately 383m and it stands approximately 700 – 1000 m above sea level. The Robbery State is the place where the highest part of the mountain belongs to. At the end of the Robbery state, the famous Madulsima Mini World’s End is located. The Madulsima Mini World’s End is also known as Pitamaruwa Mini World’s End. So, if you find any of these terms, it is the same attraction you are looking for. The area of the Mini World’s end is covered by a tea plantation. So, according to the legends of the area, it is said that this place has been used to exchange and transfer tea bags from one place to another.

Madulsima Mini World’s End is a place where you going to stay if you are planning to visit an overnight stay. The most amazing thing is that when you visit this place you can easily watch five provinces in Sri Lanka at once on a clear day.

The five provinces are as below.

  • Kandy
  • Monaragala
  • Badulla
  • Ampara
  • Batticaloa

How cool is that? Can you imagine the scenery you will be able to see? Another special thing is that you can view the Mini World’s end in two categories. They are as follows.

  • The Upper Part
  • The Lower Part

2. Madulsima Camping

Madulsima is famous for camping among young travelers. If you are planning to stay overnight in this amazing place you will be able to camp in two places. They are as follows. You will be able to camp in both sites.

  • The Upper Part
  • The Lower Part

The most amazing thing is that your camp will be above clouds. Can you imagine the scenery you get to see? You can see a panoramic view of the area. If you are a nature or wildlife photographer you will be able to capture a lifetime’s worth of moments. Madolsima would be the ideal place to wake up early in the morning above the clouds. So, are you ready to pack your bags and climb up?

3. Town of Madolsima

The town of Madolsima is very small. There are people from different ethnicities. Sinhalese, Tamils, and Muslims live here in that town. The town is always covered by mist and gives you a different feeling that you get to experience once in a while. You can try different kinds of foods when you are in this small town.

4. Seasonal changes

Seasonal change is a common fact in Madulsima. The climate around the area changes quickly. Sometimes you will be able to experience sunny weather with a clear view. Most of the time the place is quickly covered by mist and you will feel cold most of the time here. Do you know that Madulsima is one of the best places to breathe Oxygen? It is said that Madulsima has the highest Oxygen rate. So, if you want to breathe fresh air, you must visit this amazing place.

5. Kohonawala Village

The village Kohonawala is one of the rural villages in Sri Lanka. You have to walk to reach this beautiful village. You can see an “Ambalama” – a place to rest while you are walking to the village. By that means it is going to be a hectic journey to reach the Kohonawala village. Keep in mind that you want a full day to reach the village. Also, the village is known as one of the villages that gets less sunlight. So, make sure to plan your trip accordingly and visit the village and get to know the villagers, and spend some quality time with innocent people.

6. DS Rock

When you are climbing up to the Pitamaruwa Mini World’s End/ Madulisma Mini World’s End you will be able to see a rock formation near the Kokagala tea plantation. Believe me that the rock formation is similar to Hon. D.S.Senanayake was the first Prime Minister in Sri Lanka. So, make sure to enjoy this amazing rock formation while you are heading up to the Mini World’s End.

Madulsima Waterfalls

1. Aradunu Falls

Aradunu falls in Maduslima is one of the must place to visit. You can reach Aradunu falls by going 4km from Passara Town via Madulsima road. And then you have to walk around 2km to reach the falls.

2. Peessa Falls

Peessa Falls is one of the not-miss places when you are traveling to Madolsima. You can reach these falls by taking the Passara road from Lunugala town. The special thing about this Peessa falls is there is a cave behind the waterfall. So, you can enjoy unique scenery from the cave behind the falls. Make sure to put that into your bucket list when you are heading up to Madulsima.

3. Dum Pella Falls

One of the uncommon falls in Madulsima is the Dum Pella falls. You have to take the Madulsima Pitamaruwa road and then go to Pitamaruwa. Then take 2km more from Pitamaruwa and you will be able to reach this amazing place. But, the road is considered a hectic journey. So, make sure to get advice and guidance from the villagers.

4. Besama

It is obvious that when we are up for a trip, we are looking for safe bathing places. If you are planning to visit Madulsima and searching for a bathing place, then Besama would be the ideal spot. To reach Besama you have to take the Madulsima Mahadowa Lunugala road around 7kms and then travel 5km more to reach this bathing place.

Madulima Death

Madolsima Police say that a person has gone missing 06th February 2021 night at Madolsima Mini World’s End. A group of 12 people had camped here and had returned to their vehicle due to heavy rain and heavy fog. However, one person had gone missing according to the police.

The missing person’s name was Dinura Wijesundera who is 34 years old a resident of Munhena Maggona, Kalutara. He was a graphic designer at a media company.

Madolsima, Bibila, and Lunugala police have launched a joint search operation and the Army has been called in. However, the body of the missing person has been found on 09th Of February 2021 found lying on a rock. His body was found in the lower reaches of Madolsima Little Doomsday during an operation carried out by the Army Special Forces. Troops descended from the precipice in the morning with the help of raffle ropes and engaged in search operations.

Madulsima News

Authorities have temporarily banned camping at the Madulsima Mini World’s End and other places due to severe damage to the natural ecosystem and public property by tourists.

Meegahakiula Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Lalith Jayawardena says that the construction of tents in the Madolsima Punchi Lokantha area has been temporarily banned from tourists.

It is reported that this decision has been taken until the security situation in the area is resolved after the Army found the body of a man who had fallen into a precipice while constructing tents at Doomsday on 06th of February 2021 night. He also said that local and foreign tourists often come to the end of the world and spend the night in tents, causing accidents to tourists as well as environmental damage.

The Pradeshiya Sabha has imposed a temporary ban on tourists setting up night tents until the end of the world with the installation of glass viewing booths and a security fence.

If you are interested to know more about Madulsima Wikipedia, please click here.

Madulsima Hotels

As of now, authorities have been imposed a temporary ban on tourists setting up night tents, it is necessary to find accommodation for an overnight stay at Madulsima. Let’s find out what would be the best accommodation for you. But, Keep in mind that these accommodation places are not luxurious. But, would be perfect to stay overnight if you have no solution to camping. These accommodations are situated less than 15km. So, if you are planning to come by private vehicle, these places are easily accessible.

  • Aelam Home Stay Cabana – 7.3 km from Madulsima

Aelam Home Stay Cabana in Passara provides adults-only accommodation with a shared lounge, a garden, and massage services. Boasting room service, this property also provides guests with a terrace.

  • Sharaz Guest Inn – 11.1 km from Madulsima

Located in Ella, Sharaz Guest Inn offers basic and peaceful accommodation with free parking space on site. It features a mini-mart, a common lounge area, and shared laundry/ironing facilities on site.

  • Rathnapala Guest – 12.8 km from Madulsima

Rathnapala Guest is located in Badulla. The accommodation provides a 24-hour front desk and room service for guests. Guest rooms at the guest house are equipped with a seating area.

  • Rathwaththa Holiday Bungalow – 12.9 km from Madulsima

Set in Badulla, Rathwaththa Holiday Bungalow offers a restaurant and garden. Boasting a 24-hour front desk, this property also provides guests with a terrace.

  • River Mounts Hotel – 12.8 km from Madulsima

Located in Badulla, River Mounts Hotel provides a garden. Guests can enjoy river views. The units in the guest house are equipped with a flat-screen TV. Each room includes a private bathroom.

  • Dunhinda Falls Inn  – 13.1 km from Madulsima

Located in Badulla, Dunhinda Falls Inn features a shared lounge and a garden. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, and room service, along with free WiFi.

  • Travel Nest  – 13.2 km from Madulsima

Travel Nest has garden views, free WiFi, and free private parking, set in Badulla. There is a private bathroom with a bidet and a hairdryer in each unit, along with free toiletries.

  • Thilina Guest  – 13.1 km from Madulsima

Thilina Guest provides accommodation in Badulla. The guest house features both free WiFi and free private parking. At the guest house, the rooms include a desk.

Travel and Camping Tips to know about Madulsima

  • Try to catch the earliest bus to Pitamaruwa. The bus would depart at 7.00 am from Badulla.
  • There is a bus from Passara departing at 6.30 am. If you catch that bus, you can go to Cocogalla and walk about 4kms to reach the mini world’s end.
  • If you are planning to take a 4wd or a trishaw, they are more likely to charge LKR 1500 or above to take you to Madolsima Mini World’s end.
  • It is difficult to reach Pitamaruwa by bike.
  • Make sure to bring leech protection as the path is wet.
  • Keep in mind that to carry enough food. Because it might be harder to find a shop nearby.
  • Please buy all the requirements from Madulsima town as it would be the last town you meet.
  • Beware of the Bees. They might be around some months.
  • Make sure to bring a rain cover to the tents
  • Carry a raincoat along with you. Because you might experience heavy rain on the way up.
  • There is no need to carry much water as there is a water stream with consumable water.
  • Never miss to wake up at the earliest to experience the amazing blue hour view. The view might not last that long.
  • Do not carry plastic and polythene.
  • Please bring everything back.
  • Avoid walking around at the night.
  • You can always ask for directions from locals if necessary.

Madulsima is a place you must travel to. The place is full of natural beauty you would be remembering for a lifetime. But, unfortunately, the place is under threat because of the travelers. The travelers are careless and they tend to destroy the gift of mother nature. Especially when it comes to local travelers they tend to dirt the place by using polythene and never clean the place. Please make sure to be a responsible traveler. Make sure to bring back whatever you are carrying there. It is your responsibility to protect Madulsima for future generations.

Madolsima Image Gallery (Photo credits – Mifras)


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