Visas & Customs Formalities
  1. How much will I be charged for the ETA?

    Tourist visa with double entry through non refundable ETA process charges USD 35 from all the countries. As a benefit for South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries the amount is USD 20.

  2. Am I required to get an ETA?

    Except the citizens from The Republic of Singapore and The Republic of Maldives, all other citizens need to obtain ETA to visit Sri Lanka.

  3. What is an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) ?

    The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is issued via an online system as an official authorization to visit Sri Lanka for a short visit. If you wish to visit Sri Lanka as a tourist, Business traveler or for a transit, it is necessary to obtain an ETA.

  4. Do I need a visa to arrive in Sri Lanka?

    Yes of course you need a visa to arrive into Sri Lanka. You can easily obtain a visa via Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) through online if you're planning for a short visit to Sri Lanka.

Language & Communication
  1. Which Language(s) will people understand / communicate?

    Sinhalese is the major language used in Sri Lanka. Apart from Sinhalese, Tamil is also used. English is generally understood by most of the people as a link language. English is being used in hotels, major restaurants and shops. Mostly road signs are also written in both Sinhalese and English.

  2. What mobile technology is supported in Sri Lanka?

    The GSM technology on GSM 900/1800 bands support all mobile operators. 4G and wireless broadband is available in many cities in the country. WiFi zones has been introduced in selected spots in major cities.

  3. Can I buy a local mobile connection while holidaying?

    Yes of course. You can select a local SIM and top up cards (recharge cards) from several mobile operators if you have a 'dual band' and unlocked phone. The mobile operators are Mobitel, Dialog, Hutch, Airtel and Etisalat. And there are several counters opened by mobile operators can be found in Katunayake International Airport where you can buy a connection for LKR 1500.

  4. How is the state of telephone facilities?

    Telephone facilities are widely available in the whole country. And also communication centres can found throughout the country that offers IDD facilities as well as internet facilities.

Health & Safety
  1. Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?

    Yes it is safe to travel to Sri Lanka. Safety and security measures has been increased and there are special actions has been taken to secure the peace in the country and special attention has been given to security of tourists. As a responsible travel company we are also ensure the safety and security of our clients.

  2. What health issues must I be concerned with?

    In the developing countries, Sri Lanka is one of the countries which has a most reliable healthcare system. But outside the main cities, emergency medical facilities may not be widely available. A valid certificate of vaccination for yellow fever and meningitis is needed from those who are traveling from Africa and Latin America.

  3. What safety precautions I should necessarily take when travelling?

    It is safe if you put all your valuable assets such as money, passports, tickets and jewellery in the safe deposit locker in the hotel according to accepted norms in travel industry. According to the international custom, hotels are not responsible for any object lost in the room and it is necessary to take care of your valuable stuff by yourself. And also it is necessary to keep a note of your Travelers' cheque numbers from Travelers' cheques.

  4. How to keep away mosquitoes?

    Most of the hotels will provide you either mosquito net or a plugin mosquito repellent which may be usually switched on during turn down. Also you can purchase the mats (small repellent tablet insert to the plug in unit), burning coils or citronella candles from local supermarkets. And also you can apply repellent lotion when dining outdoors or while doing outdoor activities.

Money & Banking
  1. What currency is used in Sri Lanka?

    The official currency used is Sri Lankan Rupees. (LKR) Notes come in denominations of 20,50,100,500,1000 and 5000. Hotels and other tourism related establishments quote their prices in USD or Euro and collect in LKR considering prevailing exchange currency rate.

  2. How much of money can I bring in to/ take out of the country?

    There is no restriction in bringing money in foreign currencies into Sri Lanka. This sum could be in TCs, Bank drafts or currency notes. However, if the total exceeds US$ 15,000, that sum must be declared to the Sri Lanka Customs.
    If you wish to take out from Sri Lanka a sum in excess of US$ 5000 in currency notes (out of the money brought in), you must declare the entirety of the sum brought in, even if it is less than US$ 15,000.

  3. Are credit cards accepted everywhere?

    Yes, credit cards are widely used and accepted by local establishments. Visa and MasterCard are the most popular types of cards. Whenever possible it would be a convenient option to use your credit card which is valid for international use.

  4. Where can I re-exchange?

    The Re-Exchange (purchase of foreign currency) can only take place on your departure at the Bank counters at the airport. Remember that they will only accept bank receipts (not Money Changer receipts).

Power & Energy
  1. Are there any other special concerns?

    Strictly avoid inserting a 110V – 120V appliance (E.g. Phone Charger / Camera Charger) into a Sri Lankan 240V plug base; you might find it catching fire in your hands!

  2. What type of plug/s can I use?

    Sri Lankan hotels have two types of plug bases; either the UK (Type G) or India (Type D).
    *Do not confuse with the larger 15 Amp plug which is used for ‘heavy duty’ appliances like air-conditioners, and microwave ovens.

  3. What’s the voltage type in Sri Lanka?

    The voltage is Sri Lanka is 220 / 240 volts.

Other Questions
  1. Where can I discover more information about the country in general?

    Visit the official Sri Lanka Tourism website for more information or contact our Live agent.

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